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There will be another mini reunion Saturday Nov. 16, 2002 in the state of Florida.

Anyone who graduated from Hull High is welcome.

The location of the reunion has not yet been determined.

More information to be found here soon.

New information on this page as of: May 23, 2002

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Your Florida
reunion committee is:
Jeff Doren
Jason Tabasky
Jason Winer
Bruce Simons
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Hull High School. Hull, MA
Jeff Doren and Jason Winer trying to find Hull, Florida
Jason & Jeff in front of Hull, FL version of the
Memorial School
Jason Winer and Jason Tabasky find Hull Ave
The first Florida mini reunion was held Nov. 17, 2001 in Hull, Florida.

The weather was perfect, the location wonderful and we had a great time. Top left - Jason Winer, Bruce Simons, Rosalyn (Glikin) Simons
Sitting left - Jason Tabasky, Jeff Doren, Stu Barden
We hope to do it again in 2002.